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About Martin McLaughlin

With 52nd District Representative David Sweeney’s recent announcement not to seek office, Martin McLaughlin announced his candidacy for that Illinois House District. McLaughlin is the Village President of Barrington Hills, a small business professional, and a financial expert seeking election to bring his common-sense private sector experience to Springfield.

“Someone has to stick up for taxpayers and small businesses whose backs are breaking carrying the ever-increasing tax burdens placed upon them by Springfield and local taxing bodies. During the last six years, the Village of Barrington Hills trustees and I have been able to work through our differences to cut spending and taxes. It can be done, but you need strong, experienced leadership to make it happen, and that’s why I’ve decided to run for the Illinois House,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin was elected Village President of Barrington Hills in 2013 and re-elected in 2017. In the years prior, the Village had spent recklessly, increasing expenditures 83.5%. A conservative from the private sector, McLaughlin brought business principles to a bloated local government. During his tenure as Village President, he has successfully reduced spending, cut taxes, resolved inherited legal disputes, consolidated departments, and put the Village back on a path towards fiscal responsibility. He has reduced his village’s levy by over 24% since 2013.

“With my public and private sector experience, I know I can be part of the solution in Springfield. I have experience working with diverse parties to collaborate and provide solutions to the public and have proven my ability to reform government to do more with less. I am ready to go to Springfield and fight the entrenched powers on behalf of my neighbors in the 52nd House District,” said McLaughlin.

The former owner and manager of a registered investment advisory firm for many years, McLaughlin has overseen the investment of pension assets, both public and private, through some of the most turbulent financial times in history. As a named fiduciary on pension plans, he has a unique background and experience working with leaders entrusted with public assets. He understands the State’s pension problem and property tax issues and is willing to address them head on.

Martin has been married to his wife, Kathleen, for 28 years. They met at Elgin Academy, where Martin attended on a scholarship. He then went on to work his way through College, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University. He and his wife are blessed with 5 daughters, ages 26 through 13. In his spare time, Martin enjoys volunteering with the Lion’s Club and coaching softball with the Cary Youth Softball U13 Trojans.

Martin McLaughlin

For State Representative

Martin McLaughlin is a candidate for the Illinois State House of Representatives in the 52nd District and currently serves as the Village President of Barrington Hills. He is a small businessman and a financial expert who has lowered taxes and increased services for his community. He will take that experience and bring common sense to Springfield.

We can fix our state; but it will require bold measures. I have led by example, and that has prepared me to serve as your State Representative

I am ready to go to Springfield to fight the entrenched power on behalf of my neighbors in the 52nd District.

Martin McLaughlin