Because Illinois is broken and going in the wrong direction. We know, because we feel it every time we pay our property tax bills. Every time we buy a cup of coffee, groceries and gasoline. We feel it in the ever increasing ticky-tack taxes that Springfield and local taxing bodies initiate every year. They don’t get it. They are killing Illinois. Adding all of these taxes together, our tax burden is the highest in the country.
We taxpayers keep doing our part, paying our share, while Springfield keeps spending well beyond their means.
They just passed a budget (if you can even call it that) which is $ 6 billion out of balance.
Who does that? What were they thinking?
Did they address:
No, they did not. Instead, they failed to pass a law to block their automatic annual pay raise, thus increasing their annual base compensation to over $71,000 for their part-time jobs, while giving businesses and tax payers a full-time gouging.
Where is the outrage from the citizenry or the media?
It’s time for action to clean up the mess in Illinois.
I cleaned up my town, reduced taxes, reformed government and improved services. Help me be part of the solution in Springfield as your State Representative.
With your support and help, we can begin to turn around Illinois. NOW.
If you would like to be part of our effort, email us at